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Showreel with excerpts from previously produced videos and animated films since 2011.


Welcome! Since 2011 DREHSTROM Christian Hörlesberger Filmproduktion has been producing creative films, videos and animations for clients in Vienna, Austria and around the world.
My mission is to adapt to each customer and each client and their wishes and requirements individually and to find a tailor-made solution for the respective production budget. A high demand for technical quality and creative ideas motivates me to inspire the target audience with an extraordinary film.
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  • Animated film, produced by the film production in Vienna
  • Advertising video, produced by the video production in Vienna
  • Image video, produced by the film production in Vienna
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  • Music video, produced by the film production in Vienna
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Communication between all those involved in a film production is extremely important to the success of a video or film project. Therefore, I strive for a transparent, fair and clear interaction with my clients in every phase of the production - from the calculation of the offer, through the planning of the filming to the last changes in the editing phase. With Christian Hörlesberger you have one contact person from the conception to the completed video.
For larger film and video projects, I work with reliable and competent cooperation partners who support me with additional services and equipment, if this is necessary for a production.

If you are looking for a production for your video or film project, I invite you to learn more about me and my work. Watch videos of previous commissioned productions and get an impression of my work. I am pleased about your interest and a future cooperation. I would be happy to advise you on your inquiries in the field of film, video and animation.


DREHSTROM Christian Hörlesberger Filmproduktion is now certified as a “Certified Austrian Film Producer” in order to provide potential clients with assistance in market orientation.

Animated video featuring a Santa Claus riding a bicycle through a winter forest.


With this short animated video I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to great new projects in 2024!

Videos with the association COPDAktiv, produced by DREHSTROM Christian Hörlesberger Filmproduktion in Vienna.


The activist Eberhard Jordan has been showing for years that an active and happy life is possible with the lung disease COPD. Exercise and sport, the right medication and nutrition play an important role.

Since 2019, DREHSTROM has accompanied COPDAKTIV's actions and events by producing videos.

Videos were also created in 2023, although many activities had to be postponed to 2024 due to injuries.

Videos “Vienna Health Award 2023”, produced by DREHSTROM Christian Hörlesberger Filmproduktion in Vienna.


On behalf of  STADT WIEN MARKETING and VIENNA HEALTH PROMOTION – WiG Christian Hörlesberger produces videos with the winners of the Vienna Health Award 2023.

In short interviews, the award winners talk about the projects they have implemented. The videos for the various categories were shown at the award ceremony on September 19 in the Vienna City Hall and then published on the YouTube channel of the Vienna Health Promotion WiG. You can also watch the videos on the FILMS page.

Many thanks to all award winners for the interviews and congratulations!

Filming videos with winners of the Vienna Health Award 2023.

Filming with the award winners in August 2023

Video production "Jede*r für Jede*n", produced by DREHSTROM Christian Hörlesberger Filmproduktion in Vienna.


The VIENNA HEALTH PROMOTION – WiG promotes the dialogue between people with and without disabilities with the project "Jede*r für Jede*n - everyone for everyone - encounters between people with and without disabilities".

For this purpose, DREHSTROM Christian Hörlesberger Filmproduktion shot videos with 15 different organizations, institutions and self-help groups in Vienna between January and May 2023, which present the offer and services for people with disabilities and those affected by illnesses and as a suggestion for improving inclusion and accessibility serve in the city. Another film, which includes all 15 participants, spreads the message of the project and emphasizes the importance of inclusion and integration of people with disabilities in Vienna.

The videos were presented on May 11, 2023 at an event followed by a discussion on the subject in the arcade courtyard of Vienna City Hall and published on the YOUTUBE CHANNEL of the Vienna Health Promotion - WiG. The videos were also made available to all participants for their public relations work.

With the production of the videos, I am happy to contribute to breaking down prejudices and barriers and to sensitizing the public to the needs and challenges of people with disabilities.


Video marketing has become one of the most important tools in today's marketing world. The benefits that come with using videos are numerous and can help companies and organizations convey their messages in an effective and engaging way.

One of the most obvious advantages of video marketing is the ability to explain complex ideas and concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. The film production from Vienna, for example, can introduce a new product or service in a way that gives the customer a better insight into its benefits. By using graphics, animations, and other visual elements, the viewer can get a deeper understanding of how the product or service works.

Another advantage of video marketing is the ability to convey emotions. In a video, viewers can experience the message on an emotional level, which is often much stronger and more effective than just reading text on a website.

Why it makes sense to do marketing and be successful with videos, animations and films.

A well-produced video can appeal to the viewer's emotions and leave a lasting impression.

Another advantage of video marketing is the ability to reach the target audience. Videos can be shared on various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, reaching a wide audience. Additionally, companies can produce videos in different formats to appeal to different target audiences.

Video marketing also offers an excellent way to strengthen branding. By using logos, colors, and other branding elements in the film production, companies can communicate a consistent message and present their brand in a way that stands out from the competition.

In conclusion, video marketing is an extremely effective strategy for companies and organizations to convey their messages in an engaging and effective way.

The DREHSTROM Christian Hörlesberger film production from Vienna can help you to fully capitalize on the benefits of video marketing and achieve the desired results.


The film production is based in Vienna, Austria.
DREHSTROM Christian Hörlesberger Filmproduktion in Vienna produces, among other films, corporate videos, industrial films, commercials, event videos, animations, training films, explanatory films, music videos, web videos, as well as recordings of lectures etc.

From Vienna's 14th district, Christian Hörlesberger supplies customers primarily in Vienna and throughout Austria, but also in Europe and even worldwide with digital films and video productions.


Creative and high-quality films and animated content generate attention, entertain and move people. Whether on the big screen or in digital media - the target audience is to be emotionalized, they identify with the protagonists and get convinced of the film's message. Storytelling with digital tools is my passion.
After five years of training in sceenwriting, directing, production, camera, editing and video & audio engineering I gained a lot of experience in various projects: from documentary film to commercials, shooting and postproduction of TV programs, filming abroad , DVD productions from comedy programs to online marketing videos for start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses. Over the past few years, I've been increasingly involved in animation, compositing and visual effects. I incorporate all experience into every new video and film project.


With Christian Hörlesberger as the video producer, you get everything from a single source.

When producing a film, the interaction of customers and film producers is a key factor for success. The transparent, clear and fair cooperation with customers is therefore very important to me. With DREHSTROM Christian Hörlesberger Filmproduktion you have a single competent contact person from the conception to the planning, the filming up to the post production and completion of your film. This facilitates communication at all stages of production, enabling more efficient, faster results that are tailored to customer needs.

You can find out more about the range of services offered by film production in Vienna on the website

You will find further information about the service offer and the process of a production at SERVICE. You can watch recent produced FILMS, videos and animation to find out more info about recent productions. You can read further information ABOUT DREHSTROM und Christian Hörlesberger. You'll find a list of recent clients and cooperation partners at REFERENCES. CONTACT me to consult with me for your video- or film production.I look forward to your PHONE-CALL or E-MAIL.