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DREHSTROM Christian Hörlesberger Filmproduktion offers film and video productions like image films, commercials, event videos, animation, educational films, music videos in high quality, from A to Z, one-stop.
Tell your story with magic images and sounds, and win new clients - as viral video on smart phones and tablets, as web video on the Internet, on DVD or BluRay, or as commercial on TV or on the big screen.
Take advantage of fresh, creative ideas, of flexible planning and fast project management, of transparent and individual pricing, of extensive know how and long-time experience of very different projects, of HD- & 4K-quality as well as of one contact person for the whole project.
Film production in Vienna offers a wide range of services for different video and film requirements.


The film and video production in Vienna calculates the projects individually, tailor-made and transparent for the respective requirements.
Image films, commercials, event videos etc. usually have very varying costs. Some film production companies offer packages with fixed prices. Every client is unique, every project has different challenges. With package offers you can't meet individual needs of clients.
Therefore DREHSTROM Christian Hörlesberger Filmproduktion designs, calculates and plans every project individually,  customized and transparent for every client and the particular needs.
The essential parameter for the costs of an image video or a commercial are:
  • How many shooting days are required?
  • How many locations are needed?
  • How may actors are cast for the film?
  • Does the film require animation or other visual effect?
  • Is areal photography, a camera crane, special light equipment etc. required?


Usually the following 10 steps need to be taken to produce a commissioned film production:

1. Request and Briefing:

If you are interested, please contact me by e-mail or telephone and explain your need of video content or animated films, image films, advertising clips, etc. I am also happy to meet you for a personal interview to get a comprehensive picture of your wishes and needs.

2. Calculation and Quotation:

Based on your briefing, I will create a detailed calculation and a quotation so you can understand how the costs are composed. You can also compare my offer better with other offers.

3. Order placement:

If you agree with the offer, you authorize me to produce your film. Depending on the complexity and size of the project, an order production contract is concluded, which regulates exactly rights transfers, deadlines, partial payments, etc.

4. Conceptual work and script development:

Then a concept or sceenplay is developed or a storyboard is designed for the film project.

How film and video production in Vienna usually handles a commissioned production.
The shooting of the film and video production in Vienna is perfectly planned and prepared.

5. Approval to the final screenplay:

The different versions of the script, concept or storyboard will be presented to you on agreed dates. If agreed, one or more revisions may be made after your feedback. If you have approved the script, the production of the film may begin.

6. Pre-production:

In this phase, locations are scouted, actors get cast, the shooting is going to be planned and additional employees for the film production are going to be hired.

7. Production:

The film is perfectly prepared and planned, everyone is informed and ready to go: the shooting takes place. Now all necessary recordings are made for the finished movie. Filming can take only a few hours (for example, for an event video), or several days or even weeks, depending on the length of the film.
When we produce an animation film without any live action footage, all the graphic elements are now designed in detail and then animated and assembled.

8. Post-production:

The shot material gets ordered and edited. Music and additional narration texts and sounds are recorded, further animations, text embellishments are created. Picture and sound elements are compiled, colors get graded, the audio tracks get mixed. As a client, you will be involved in all steps and can incorporate your feedback and your ideas.

9. Approval of the final cut:

When all the cuts, audio tracks, colors and texts are perfectly matched and you are satisfied with the result, you approve the final edited film.

10. Completion:

The final version of the movie will be rendered and made available to you for publication (usually via a download link or on a disk of your choice). The project data and video files will be archived if changes to the movie are desired in the future. Now you can present your film to the public and bring amazement and enthusiasm to your customers.

For more individual advice for your film or your video and an offer without any commitment please call
or send an e-mail to
At FILMS you will find some examples of recent produced films.
During the post-production, the film and video production in Vienna completes the shot videos and makes them available to the client.



In a short time you can give an overview of your company or your organization with an image film. You can present not only data and facts, but you can also leave an emotional and atmospheric mark.
Image films or image video should keep a balance between information and emotions. Information and messages alternate subtle with atmospheric, emotional images using the dramaturgy of the film.

You can use your image film in different ways for your corporate communications and win new clients - e.g. at trade fairs, on your website, on DVD or BluRay.

Usually the running time of an image film is not longer than 10 minutes. If the film is designed for presentation on the Internet, the running time is not longer than 5 minutes maximum - due to the short attention span of Internet users.


You can advertise a product or services directly to the client using a commercial.
Draw attention to your product or service, encourage your client’s confidence and increase your sales. Besides the common TV- commercial there are viral commercials, which are spread across the Internet by the viewers, DRTV-commercials, which evoke a direct buy-decision of the clients, or social-commercials, which promote social projects or change of society.
Besides classic TV- and cinema-advertisement commercials are used more and more on the Internet in many different ways. The rates of ad placement on the Internet are much lower than on TV, and the success is more measurable. This has evoked a boom of commercials and ads on the Internet for the past years. On the Internet TV-ads are also used in a longer version a second time.




A successful event is unique and can’t be repeated in the exact same way. With an event video you can bring back the memories of the most interesting, exciting and moving moments of your rally, and you can share it with everybody - even with the people, who didn’t attend the event. So an event can be used for marketing afterwards.
Good event films are able to reproduce the mood of an event exactly - solemn, exciting or cozy. Interviews with quests can be used additionally.
You can not only order a documentary of your event; you also can order films and videos to be screened at your event (e.g. opener or interlude). DREHSTROM Christian Hörlesberger Filmproduktion can also produce the fitting animation of your logo for the presentation on all kind of screens on your event.


Animations can present complex processes, contexts, data and facts in a vivid and coherent way.
The possibilities are boundless. Besides the classic cartoon animation there are a big variety of techniques and styles: stop-motion,2D-, and 3D-computer animation, different drawing styles, text animation, logo animation, abstract shapes and textures, but also photo realistic animations, which look like real live footage.
Animation is also suitable to be used additionally in all kind of films. E. g. animation often is used in educational films an video tutorials to show specific procedures. You can also order an animation of your logo, which can be used in all of your corporate films and videos, or as an intro of your website.




Educational films can present complex contents in a clear and coherent way - e.g. to explain the use of a product or for advanced training.
Information, presented in an exciting film, raises the performance of your training and offers entertaining moments to your clients and employees. Using video training, educational films or video tutorials you can prevent ambiguity and questions in the first place. Specific functions and procedures are understood from the beginning; you don’t have to describe them in laborious one on one talks.
Educational films can be presented on DVD, BluRay, via Internet or a company’s intra net; they even can be implemented into training software.


Music videos turn music into images, sometimes they tell stories or show the performance of the artists in the best light and from exciting points of views. Some video clips completely pass on the performance of the artist or the band. Music videos can be edited fast to the rhythm of the track or they are designed as long traveling shots, or fully animated; hardly any other genre offers as much variety of creativity and innovative ideas like music videos.
The classic video clips from the 80ies and 90ies have been produced expensive for music television. In the meantime they have been replaced by music videos for Internet-platforms like YouTube. Thereby the prices for music videos have been reduced drastically. Today also independent musicians and bands can present themselves with music videos.
A special kind of the music video has gained popularity for the past years: the Lyric-Video. Depending on the rhythm and course of the song, the lyrics are animated or faded in - fans can sing to there favorite songs like karaoke songs.




Since 2014 DREHSTROM Christian Hörlesberger Filmproduktion has been producing and selling also video stock footage.

Currently you can buy licenses for stock footage produced by DREHSTROM Christian Hörlesberger Filmproduktion at these websites:
Most of the available videos have a resolution of 4.096 x 2.304 pixels (4K). There are also video with the smaller resolution of Full-HD (1.920 x 1.080) and Ultra-HD (3.840 x 2.160). Generally all clips can be downloaded also in HD resolution. Usually the price of the single videos depend on the resolution.


Do you want to explain a complex issue to your client in a succinct and entertaining way in a short time? And do you want to stand out of the bulk of trivial white board explainer videos?
Lengthy processes, complex products, yours organizational structure, or a distinguished idea: you can convey your content fast, comprehensibly for anybody and entertainingly using animated videos. And you can boost your sales.
Explainer films by DREHSTROM Christian Hörlesberger Filmproduktion contrast with color, drive and vitality with the rest, so that your message doesn't disappear, and that it receives the credit it deserves.