Animated Music Video for Pistols at Dawn

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The London based band PISTOLS AT DAWN recorded the protest song “Please Report Anything Auspicious To A Member Of Staff“ against the rise of the far right and xenophobia in answer to the Brexit referendum in June 2016.
The title refers to the cherry-picking of 'worthy' immigrants, and also points to an Orwellian dystopia. The music video for the song was designed, animated and produced by Christian Hörlesberger in Vienna.
The production took about 6 weeks in August and September 2016; the video was released on November-14-2016 on YouTube.
The music video gets along without any edits. An animated cartoon version of Nigel Farage, former leader of the UKIP, walks along a road. He spreads empty promises; then he starts to sing the song. Gradually other cartoon versions of right-wing populists join (Heinz-Christian Strache, Marine Le Pen, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin). They sing the choruses together. During the video the environment gets darker and monotonously. At the end we find ourselves in a war zone.
The video was brought to life with Adobe Character Animator. The software allows someone to animate Characters by using the webcam, touchpad and keyboard. It is still in development and is being tested.
The band from London and the filmmaker from Vienna met at
Radar Music Videos. On this internet platform for low budget music videos record labels and bands can put briefs online. Directors can pitch ideas and treatments for these briefs. The record labels and bands can choose one treatment and commission the filmmaker with the production of the video.