Videos iab webAD 2019

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VIDEOS "iab webAD 2019"

At the beginning of May 2019, the videos were shot with the category sponsors of the iab webAD 2019. In each video one of the 26 categories of the award for digital advertising is presented. The person representing the sponsor in the video stands in an empty room, standing up to the music we hear. The camera moves constantly in a circle around the person. The person is seen several times in the same scene.

The camera was fixed on a tripod and the people were filmed in front of Green Screen. Not the camera was moved around the person, but the person had to turn around his own axis at a steady speed. Therefore the person stood on a small revolving stage, which turned evenly.
In post-production several takes were combined and composited into a 3d-animated room. The room had to turn at the same speed in the opposite direction of the revolving stage - that's how the illusion of the camera moving around the dancing people arose.
At the end of May, the videos were published on various social media channels of iab austria.
All iab webAD 2019 CATEGORY SPONSORS VIDEOS can be found on YouTube.